Home thoughts Why Sri Lanka such a beautiful place to retire and what is the practical benefit?

Why Sri Lanka such a beautiful place to retire and what is the practical benefit?

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Sri Lanka has many attractions that make Sri Lanka an ideal place to retire in. One of these is the abundance of UNESCO World heritage sites, eight to be exact, packed into such a small breadth of area. Sri Lanka’s exotic culture can be experienced by the mysterious ancient sites going back to 2000 years BC. Easily one can find an array of temples that have beautiful details crafted by artisans throughout centuries. Furthermore, to gratify one’s taste for adventure is the presence of wildlife national parks where one can encounter wild elephants heading to their water holes, leopards, water buffalos, a wide array of birds and a host of other wildlife. And that’s not all- Sri Lanka also boasts of a wide array of beaches in the lowlands. These beaches, dotted all around the island, are glorious with its fine while sand and turquoise waters. Some of these beaches contain wonderful diving sites as well. Finally, in the central highlands is the presence of luscious tropical rainforests where one can enjoy beautiful treks.

Aside from these touristic sites, a great practical benefit exists which will be beneficial to elderly people. The greatest advantage is that Sri Lanka has a great health care system, which is almost completely free. There are also a wide array of health provisions in Sri Lanka which includes Western health systems, Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, Accupuncture and Homeotheraphy as stated by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health. The public sector health services include only Western and Ayurvedic, while the private sector has the full range of health services listed above. Sri Lanka’s public health sector is equipped with well trained specialist doctors that are educated along the lines of the UK system. The only disadvantage in Sri Lanka’s public health sector is the limited access and the long waiting times. Sri Lanka’s private sector remedies this problem but requires an upfront fee. The relative costs for medical services such as hospital stays, doctor’s fees, scans, tests and procedures are at lower costs than the hospitals found in Western countries. It is significant to note that though public medical facilities are scattered throughout the country, it is only at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka in Colombo and a few other large hospitals found in major cities and around the capital that major surgical and specialist care can be found.

Retirement is more than just a long vacation; it’s a completely different way of life without work and during retirement, you will have the freedom to do things that you truly enjoy, spend time with yourself and just enjoy your time. In a nutshell, retirement is more or less like an endless vacation so you need to plan your retirement location carefully so you make the most out of it.

This is exactly why Sri Lanka is such a perfect place to retire. Fringed by pristine beaches, majestic coconut groves, vividly green estates and fields and a perfect tropical climate, Sri Lanka is the go-to retirement paradise. Besides this, some other reasons that make Sri Lanka such a wonderful retirement destination is its safety and security, location and housing, plethora of leisure, travel and entertainment options, easy access to medical services and thriving expat communities. Moreover, living in Sri Lanka can be far more affordable for retirees due to the low cost of living when compared to other countries.

What better way to experience the bliss of retirement than be part of the beautiful island as you experience the rich and diverse heritage and culture, sink your feet in the glistening beaches and trek in the verdant hill country?

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