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Older people are likely to be more happy than younger people

Happier than young people

Data from a study done by CivicScience shows that older people are more likely to be more happy. The market research firm followed happiness from the year 2013 to 2015 and over that time, 166,310 participants answered the CivicScience poll question: “How happy are you today?—Very Happy, Happy, Unhappy, Very Unhappy, or So-So.”

The study results showed that beginning with 30 to 34 year old, every age group gets progressively happier. The results peaked among those aged 65 and older and the results showed that those over 65 were 14 times as likely to be happy than unhappy (67% vs 5%). Among those under the age of 18, 13% were polled as unhappy compared to the 9% of the total general population.

So according to the study, the perks of youth don’t necessarily guarantee happiness. According to the study, more happy people when compared to unhappy people are over the age of 45 (52% as happy vs 37% as unhappy). The study also claimed that unhappy people are more likely to be under the age of 30.

And while it’s true that career is a major indicator of happiness, people who were tested as happy are also more likely to be retired. Here are the main findings from the study:

  • Happiness increases with age
  • Higher income is closely related with greater happiness
  • Happiness in one’s job role is one of the strongest indicators of of overall happiness
  • Unhealthy habits and being unhealthy correlates greatly with unhappiness
  • Morning people are much more likely to be happy than unhappy

So be happy when you put another candle on that birthday cake and celebrate the fact that the older you become, the happier you’ll be.

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