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Money is not the only thing you need in retirement

dream of a peaceful retirement

Many people dream of a peaceful retirement for decades where they can just lounge by the pool all day, read all those books they couldn’t read before and enjoy playing with their grandkids. And because in retirement, virtually every day is a Saturday with no looming dread about having to go back to work on Monday, a well planned retirement can be truly blissful.

However, is this endless recreation sufficient to satisfy retirees who still have the mental and physical capacity of continuing to learn, contribute and explore the world? A professional who specializes in advising federal workers about their benefits doesn’t think so. Ann Vanderslice, the president and CEO of Retirement Planning Strategies explained that as people edge closer to their retirement, they have a wonderful opportunity to plan and create a rewarding experience for the rest of their lives. Studies have also shown that retirees who plan well have the easiest time in moving on to retirement life with satisfaction.

For a lot of people though, planning for retirement usually revolves solely on the financial side of things where they worry endlessly about having to save enough so they don’t run out of money in the future. Money matters aside, retirement also brings on a whole new lifestyle change where people who were used to going out to work everyday suddenly find themselves without a good reason to get out of their bed in the morning. All that free time which they looked forward to can soon become boring and meaningless.

To make sure that your retirement doesn’t head in this direction, below are a few factors to keep in mind for those looking to enjoy a more fulfilling retirement:

  • Consider working part-time

It’s not strange for some retirees to continue working even after retirement, at least part-time. And more often than not, that extra income can at least add some level of security to a retiree’s overall financial outlook and make them feel less dependent on others. Besides, many people don’t feel adequately fulfilled if they are not contributing by working and the thought of completely giving up work after working since their teenage years can be an uncomfortable prospect.

  • Opt to volunteer

There are a lot of charitable organizations including libraries, schools, museums and so on that require volunteer help so retirees can make themselves available for such posts. However, it is important to volunteer wisely and not allow people to take advantage of your availability. Take the time out to identify the issues and causes that are important to you and make sure that the organization you are volunteering for is well aware of your skills without overworking you. After all, you are in your retirement, so you need to relax and take things as slow as possible.

  • Continue being a lifelong learner

While a lot of retirees don’t consider this option, retirement can actually be a really good time to learn how to play that instrument you always wanted to or enrolls into a college class to study what you were passionate about but couldn’t pursue because of your workload. People who are lifelong learners also have a higher level of optimism and a lesser risk of dementia so if you wanted to learn more about baking, philosophy, religion or basically anything, now is the time.

So while it is certainly important to have a good financial plan for retirement, this is not the only thing you should focus on. To have an enriching and rewarding retirement, consider making plans for your perfect retirement lifestyle too.

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