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How to regain intimacy as you grow older


Has you intimate connection to your spouse weakened and lessened after many years of being together? Here are some tips to help you regain the intimacy you once shared with each other:

  • Learn how to feel and express emotions

When we remove and cut ourselves off from our day to day feelings – both the good and the bad – we also cut the line of how intimate we are. By paying attention to our feelings and checking in on our emotions, we become more aware of our intimate feelings as well. As we soften and become more approachable, we are able to let others approach us as well and in turn, become more available for listening and being with them on a deeper level.

  • Grow your courage

Break down your barriers to knowing and sharing about your own needs and desires. Most couples have difficulty with differing desires at some point of their relationship. It often becomes a battle of who is the first one to initiate it and who says no and then it becomes a minefield of painful interactions. By understanding the highs and lows of your own history together, you are not only able to take responsibility but also understand each other’s needs too.

  • Heighten your sensory awareness

By being cognizant and more aware of the myriad of information our senses our giving us, we become neurologically primed for better understanding each other. Instead of rushing through enjoying each other’s company, you get to enjoy being with your spouse which will translate into better understanding.

  • Getting over normal

In your exercise of measuring your level of relationality – that is how much do you move towards a relationship as well as inhibition –  you can get a clear picture of where you and your spouse are on the identity grid. Working together towards moving to a center point is usually going to be the answer. And there is an amazing amount of freedom in becoming more internally free to experience and relate to your own needs.

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